Top 5 Makeup Tips to Look Photogenic All Day on Your Wedding

There will be lots of precious memories and moments that will be documented during your wedding. This means that it will be very important for you to constantly be camera-ready, as you will want to look your very best. Read on for some makeup tips used by our makeup artists to have you looking photogenic all day!

1. Matte lipsticks
Matte lipsticks are less prone to staining your white teeth. You will be showcasing those pearly white teeth all day, so you wouldn’t want any unsightly stains! A matte formula will also be more transfer-proof, allowing you to kiss your husband-to-be without worries!


2. Avoid products with Silica or Zinc Oxide
Ingredients such as Silica or Zinc Oxide contained in products will cause camera flashback, leaving a white cast on your face due to light-reflecting properties. Especially if you are taking flash photography at night, our makeup artists will bear this in mind and avoid setting powders or sprays with these ingredients.

3. Natural, glowy highlighter
Using a highlighter in a natural shade adds dimension to the face, giving you a radiant finish for photos. This will make you look like you’re glowing from within, to enhance the happiness you’re experiencing on your wedding day!


4. Makeup setting spray
Our makeup artists will always be sure to finish off your bridal makeup look with a setting spray to lock everything in. This will prevent your makeup from sliding off or even melting off in Singapore’s humidity. 

5. Setting powders 
Setting powders are definitely needed during touch-ups throughout the day. Compact powders are great at mattifying your face and removing unwanted, excess shine. It leaves your skin feeling soft and matte. Especially for brides with oily skin, this is highly recommended!

Alternatively, oil-control powders can also be used for touch-ups. Since some powders contain a white tint to them, it would be advisable to use them on brides with dry skin to avoid interference with your makeup.


6. Q-tips
Q-tips can be extremely handy to ensure your bridal makeup look is always on point for the entire day. They can be used to fix makeup issues such as eyeliner or lipstick smudges! 

We hope that you have found these tips useful for your wedding! Go ahead and look your most beautiful!