How is the Confirmation Process Like When You Engage Autelier's Services?

1. Reach out to us

You can reach out to us via the submission form on our website or drop us a message on Instagram! Do let us know the date of your wedding to facilitate the checking of our makeup artists’ availability. 

If you reach out to us on a weekday, do expect a reply within a 24-hour timeframe. However, if it is on a weekend, do expect a reply by the next working day. If you still do not hear from us within 24 hours, drop us a text as your email might have gotten lost in our sea of emails.

2. Rates card and invoice

We will then proceed to send you our rates card for your reference. This will aid you in your decision in choosing your preferred wedding makeup artist. Once you have decided, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit payment and you will be given three days to make payment. Do note that your booking will only be confirmed once payment is received!

Thereafter, our Studio Manager Jessica will email you a booking confirmation with your invoice details.

3. Arrangement for a hair and makeup trial session

Eight weeks prior to your wedding, we will be in touch with you to arrange for a hair and makeup trial session. Our makeup artist will also contact you to arrange for a convenient timing for the trial session. This trial session will be held at our studio and it will be extremely helpful for you to determine the kind of wedding makeup and hairstyling you desire for your actual day. Ideally, this trial session should be done two to four weeks before your wedding. This is because you would have confirmed on your bridal gown and your hair and skin condition will be similar to your actual wedding day. 

Head over to this post to find out some helpful tips for your trial session!

trial 2.jpg

4. During the trial session

On the day of the trial session, our makeup artist will go through the timing and your wedding day schedule to ensure enough time is allocated for your makeup and hair. It will also be helpful to show a picture of your chosen gown for our makeup artist to decide on the best look for you. 

Do note that the trial will be done according to the number of looks in your chosen bridal package. Also, feel free to show our makeup artist pictures of your desired makeup and hair look for them to have an idea of your preference!

trial 1.jpg

5. Before the wedding

Three days before your big day, our Studio Manager Jessica will have a final confirmation with you on the timing and venue of your wedding. Invoice and wedding details will be sent to you for final payment. Our acceptable modes of payment include cash and PayNow. 


Important tips for your Wedding Trial Makeup & Hairstyling

A trial for your bridal makeup and hairstyling is a must in my opinion, especially if you are not used to wearing makeup most of the time. It is after all one of the most important days of your life and you will want to look your very best.

There are a lot of considerations when planning for the perfect wedding look and you will want to be fully prepared for the trial makeup session with your makeup artist to make it a fruitful session.

20180114_chijmes show_2.jpg

When to do your trial makeup and hairstyling ?

This is one common question we get asked very often - when should I do my trial?  It is a very good question and should be addressed. There are two purposes to a trial makeup session and the purpose determines when you should be doing the trial.

The first purpose to a trial is to find out if a particular wedding makeup artist’s style fits what you are looking for. If this is the case, you should do this as early as possible to decide if the makeup artist’s style fits your liking.

If you are certain of the makeup artist you want to hire, then your purpose will be the second category, which is to determine the kind of wedding makeup and hairstyling you desire for your wedding actual day. For this scenario, trial is usually recommended to be done two to four weeks before your wedding day. Reason for this is that you would have confirmed your gown, your hair length and your face condition will be similar to your wedding day.

Now, here are some tips for your wedding makeup and hairstyling trial session:

Research and communicate your likes and dislikes

It is best to do some research on your preferences on the kind of styles you like. Are you looking for a minimalist style, a boho-chic or a hollywood glamour style? Do you prefer more clean & sleek looking hairstyles or romantic braided wedding hairstyles?

These are questions you will need to consider and communicate with your makeup artist. With the ease of access to abundance of images on social media, it is best to illustrate your preferences with pictures.

Wear a color and neckline similar to your wedding dress

Sometimes clients come for a trial makeup session in a T-shirt and it is very hard to visualise the whole look. It is always advisable to come in a top that is close to the color and neckline of your wedding dress so that it is easier for you to visualise. If your wedding gown and evening dress are ready for collection, you can bring them along for your trial session. You can get a very good feel of the overall look.

Prepare pictures of your wedding gowns and evening dresses
In order for us to give better advice on the kind of bridal makeup and hairstyling that is suitable for you, it is very helpful to show us pictures of your wedding gown and evening dresses.

Theme of wedding

The theme of your wedding determines how we would advise on the looks. For example, if it is a beach wedding, we would recommend a let down romantic hairstyle whereas for a solemn church wedding, it will usually go well with a clean updo with veil. So do share with us the theme of your wedding, the venue as well as the programme for the day.

201809_Style Shoot Annabelle_80.jpg

Come with cleanly washed hair with no conditioner

While you may be tempted to come with very smooth and silky hair, you might be surprised to know that it is actually the least ideal for styling. This is because hair that is too soft and silky is hard to style and curls doesn't last long. As such, it is recommended not to use any conditioner, hair oil or serum. It is not necessary to cut or color your hair before the trial as our makeup artist will advise on what cut is suitable for the hairstyles you have chosen.

Come with a bare face

Do come bare faced with your contact lenses on if you intend to wear them on the day of your wedding. It is fine to come with sunblock on.

Choose the right person  for your trial

If you intend to bring someone for your trial makeup to give you a second opinion, we encourage you to do so. However do choose someone whom you think has similar taste as you in terms of styling. And do not bring too many people as you might end up with too many opinions and eventually find it hard to decide.

Give some thoughts on the accessories and veil

Before coming to the trial, do also check with your bridal studio on the selection of bridal veils available for use on your wedding day. This will be part of the consideration when we are proposing a wedding hairstyle too.

We do not recommend purchasing hair accessories before the bridal hair trial unless you really fancy certain pieces. Moreover, we will work your wedding hairstyle to complement the hair accessories. We work closely with Gioielli ( in coming up with the perfect style. Clients can choose from ready made pieces in our studio or have their hair pieces custom-made by Helen herself.

Leave your makeup on

We propose for you to leave the makeup on for a period of time.

This is to test how long the makeup lasts, how long the curls stay in this humid Singapore weather. Take mental notes of areas that you would like the makeup artist to make adjustments and communicate with your makeup artist. This will ensure your makeup stays fresh and more lasting on your big day.