LooLa Adventure Resort Bintan Giveaway August 2018

In August 2018, we collaborated with AndroidsinBoots for a unique couple photoshoot and eco-friendly vacation giveaway all in one. The interesting concept behind this giveaway lies in the eco-friendliness element, where we focus on making more green choices that are equally as beautiful and memorable, yet sustainable.

We teamed up with international award winning eco-friendly LooLa Adventure Resort to gift two lucky couples this giveaway. Not forgetting our other amazing partners - Floral Magic for their floral styling, Holy Moly for their wedding coordination & planning, WeddingCrafters for their wedding gowns and lastly, Common Suits for their men suits.

Here’s a short overview of our Bintan getaway featuring our two winners!

Our Autelier artists Julie Kim and Cherry Au went along for this giveaway trip!

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Ytene is a nature-lover as she grew air plants as wedding favours. Hence, the eco-nature element of this giveaway trip definitely piqued their interest. They couldn’t be happier to win this giveaway as Nick’s hectic work schedule meant that they seldom went on holidays.

Beautiful paddlepop skies

Beautiful paddlepop skies

Julie got up at 4.30am to do Ytene’s hair and makeup!

Julie got up at 4.30am to do Ytene’s hair and makeup!

Hair and makeup by Autelier Artist Julie Kim

Hair and makeup by Autelier Artist Julie Kim

Hairstyle: Romantic low bun for Ytene

Hairstyle: Romantic low bun for Ytene

Gown from WeddingCrafters

Gown from WeddingCrafters


We wanted to have a backdrop for our photoshoot and so, what we had in mind was a wooden arch backdrop. Since the theme of this giveaway revolved around eco-friendliness, we made use of upcycled materials like local raw materials and driftwood to create the backdrop. We are so grateful to the local LooLa crew who helped us with the setting up. They muscled through the cutting of wood logs, huge banana leaves and bamboo!

Setting up in the middle of waters on a rock island was pretty challenging due to uneven terrain. It didn’t help that it started pouring heavily halfway through as well! But everyone remained in high spirits as we worked in a team to finish the setup.

The end result of our wooden arch backdrop! We felt that it would be fun for this set up to be a ‘solemnization’ scene. Thus, we got the resort owner’s wife to be present to honour the couple’s ‘solemnization’. The tranquility of Bintan with it’s clear blue waters made it incredibly photogenic and romantic.


Due to the rain, water levels rose and that prevented us from returning to land by foot. Hence, we kayaked across!


Their favourite part of the photoshoot turned out to be candid, spontaneous moments of them exploring the seabed during low tide one morning.

The marine treasures they found!

The marine treasures they found!

1, 2, 3 - jump!

1, 2, 3 - jump!



Hair and makeup by Autelier Artist Julie Kim

Hair and makeup by Autelier Artist Julie Kim


For this couple’s eco-friendly photoshoot idea, we gathered many foliage, driftwood and fruits. Foliage and flowers were collected from the local villagers’ backyards while the driftwood was from our morning kayak sessions.

Not forgetting the fresh fruit sourced from local markets as well as from our neighbour’s backyard!

This macik was so friendly and generous with giving us her fresh rambutans!

This macik was so friendly and generous with giving us her fresh rambutans!

Thereafter, we assembled all our fruits of labour to set up for the photoshoot.

Jon and Bernice is a fun-loving couple!

Jon and Bernice is a fun-loving couple!

A makeshift ‘wedding veil’ for Julie? She’s enjoying herself with the photos too!

A makeshift ‘wedding veil’ for Julie? She’s enjoying herself with the photos too!

All covered up from the harmful UV rays!

All covered up from the harmful UV rays!

This getaway to Bintan allowed all of us to disconnect from our busy schedules while being surrounded by tasty food and beautiful nature. It was indeed a relaxing and carefree trip.

By nightfall, we had a campfire session and it was really heartwarming to see everyone enjoy themselves.


Our focus of this giveaway trip was on making more green choices that are equally beautiful and memorable, yet sustainable. It was a great team effort where we all came together to create something special together.

We are definitely looking forward to returning to Bintan again!

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Korean Bridal Hair and Makeup Styling in Singapore

When you think of Korean bridal makeup, I believe that the first word that will come to your mind is ‘radiant’. Korean wedding makeup is all about achieving a dewy, radiant glow in your complexion. The focus is on skincare preparation prior to applying makeup. The end result is a youthful, blissful-looking bride!

Korean bridal hairstyles on the other hand, is all about elegant, clean looks. Think of soft, effortless curls and elegant ponytails. Here is showcasing some images of Korean bridal makeup & hairstyling from our recent shoot done in SIngapore.

Hair and makeup by Autelier Artist Julie Kim
Gown by Bridefully Yours
Photographed by Jenie Graphy
Modelled by Hana Belle


For Korean bridal makeup, ‘less is more’. It is all about enhancing your natural beauty by slightly accentuating your facial features. Smokey eyes are achieved in a feminine way by using subtle brown and coral tones.

Loving that healthy, radiant glow in Hana

Loving that healthy, radiant glow in Hana


The Korean bridal hairstyle gives you natural, effortless waves with bouncy hair. This hairstyle instantly achieves a beautiful, romantic look. Don’t forget to let down those airy see-though bangs as this helps to soften your facial features for a more sweet, dainty look!


We hope that you have found this post on Korean Bridal Hair and Makeup styling useful! Do check out our post on Korean Bridal Makeup for an exclusive interview with our Korean makeup artist Julie Kim to gain deeper insights!

How is the Confirmation Process Like When You Engage Autelier's Services?

1. Reach out to us

You can reach out to us via the submission form on our website or drop us a message on Instagram! Do let us know the date of your wedding to facilitate the checking of our makeup artists’ availability. 

If you reach out to us on a weekday, do expect a reply within a 24-hour timeframe. However, if it is on a weekend, do expect a reply by the next working day. If you still do not hear from us within 24 hours, drop us a text as your email might have gotten lost in our sea of emails.

2. Rates card and invoice

We will then proceed to send you our rates card for your reference. This will aid you in your decision in choosing your preferred wedding makeup artist. Once you have decided, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit payment and you will be given three days to make payment. Do note that your booking will only be confirmed once payment is received!

Thereafter, our Studio Manager Jessica will email you a booking confirmation with your invoice details.

3. Arrangement for a hair and makeup trial session

Eight weeks prior to your wedding, we will be in touch with you to arrange for a hair and makeup trial session. Our makeup artist will also contact you to arrange for a convenient timing for the trial session. This trial session will be held at our studio and it will be extremely helpful for you to determine the kind of wedding makeup and hairstyling you desire for your actual day. Ideally, this trial session should be done two to four weeks before your wedding. This is because you would have confirmed on your bridal gown and your hair and skin condition will be similar to your actual wedding day. 

Head over to this post to find out some helpful tips for your trial session!

trial 2.jpg

4. During the trial session

On the day of the trial session, our makeup artist will go through the timing and your wedding day schedule to ensure enough time is allocated for your makeup and hair. It will also be helpful to show a picture of your chosen gown for our makeup artist to decide on the best look for you. 

Do note that the trial will be done according to the number of looks in your chosen bridal package. Also, feel free to show our makeup artist pictures of your desired makeup and hair look for them to have an idea of your preference!

trial 1.jpg

5. Before the wedding

Three days before your big day, our Studio Manager Jessica will have a final confirmation with you on the timing and venue of your wedding. Invoice and wedding details will be sent to you for final payment. Our acceptable modes of payment include cash and PayNow. 


8 Elegant Hairstyles for Every Bride

A bride’s wedding makeup look is not complete without the perfect matching hairstyle to go with it. Although there are so many bridal hairstyle inspirations to look at, we have narrowed down to 8 of our favourite ones to complement your wedding makeup look.

From beautiful curls to chic, classy looks, you are bound to find something that suits your needs!

1.      Beautiful Soft Curls


There is just something about soft curls that bring out the most feminine side in you. This hairstyle is definitely a safe option and there are so many variations of curls you can opt for. Finish off the look with some pretty floral hair accessories!

2.      Romantic Half Updos


Loose curls give off a romantic look to this half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle. This look adds lots of texture and dimension to your hair. Pair this look with your laced wedding dress and you are good to go.

The trick to getting these curls to last all day is to use a texturizing hair spray or sea salt spray. Our makeup artists always ensure they have one in their makeup train case!

3.       Ponytails - Be it braided or clean & sleek

clean ponytails.jpg

If you are looking for more sophisticated, glamorous hairstyles, braided ponytails are a great option. Braided hairstyles are a really popular wedding hairstyle option now. They will look even better if you have a lighter hair colour or highlights in your hair!

The varying types of braided designs add a really interesting element to your hair. You can opt for more intricate, tight braids or go for a more effortless, soft braided look.

Alternatively, go for clean ponytails if you want a more minimalistic look.

4.      Elegant Chignon

soft curls.jpg

An elegant chignon is a wedding hairstyle option that exudes a modern, classy look. This hairstyle is more intricate and sophisticated than a classic bun, making it the best updo for your special day. Pair this look with a traditional cheongsam wedding dress or a simple low-back dress.

5.      Natural Effortless Waves


Embrace your natural hair by adding some subtle, loose waves. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty. This hairstyle is so effortless yet beautiful. Add a feminine touch of simple, delicate floral hair accessories to complete the look.

6.      Romantic Airy Updos

airy updos.jpg

Combine sophisticated braids with classic updos and you get romantic airy updos. Top it off by adding some lovely hair accessories to truly look and feel like a princess on your special day. After all, we have perfect reason to look the most beautiful on our wedding day right?

If you have face-framing layers, leave them out to create an even softer, romantic look as well as to frame your face for picture-perfect wedding photos!

7.      Chic High Bun

high bun.jpg

This look is another one of those classics that will never go out of style. This classic updo is great for Singapore’s hot weather while keeping your hair off your face. This bridal hairstyle will look great on all hair colours and it is an elegant, versatile option that matches any wedding dress perfectly.

8.      Red Carpet Side-Swept

side swept 1.jpeg

This side-swept look is timeless and elegant. For brides who like a clean, demure look, this is a great option for you. Pin the side with a decorative hair pin to finish off the look beautifully. This bridal hairstyle is also especially flattering for brides who have longer face shapes!  

Remember to take your time to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle that suits you. Some helpful advice would be to have a look at the portfolio of our makeup artists to get an understanding of the different wedding hair looks to find one that can best accommodate your needs. Also, having a wedding hair trial session with us will be really helpful to know what hairstyle you can expect on your wedding as well as providing your feedback for us to take note of!

What is Korean Bridal Makeup?

The Korean bridal makeup look is one of Asia’s top beauty trends, and Singapore is no exception.

To share with you more about Korean bridal makeup, we have Julie Kim, who is our makeup artist from Korea to share her knowledge. She has been residing in Singapore for around 6 years now and has a good understanding of Singapore’s culture to incorporate her Korean bridal makeup knowledge to suit every bride.  

julie shot.jpg

Julie strongly believes in using a minimalistic approach to bring out and enhance one’s features. She loves creating soft and natural makeup looks.


1. What is Korean bridal makeup in general?

Korean bridal makeup consists of very natural looks. Although trends come and go every time, dewy skin forms the foundation in Korean makeup. One of the hottest trends now would be a single, matte lip colour in shades like coral or dusty rose!

capture 8.jpg

2. Since dewy skin is an important base, is there a strong emphasis on skincare to prep for Korean bridal makeup?

Yes, focusing on skincare is a crucial first step to achieve dewy skin especially in Singapore’s humid weather. Otherwise, your complexion might show signs of dullness. Skin should be healthy and moisturized to get a radiant, dewy complexion. Before doing Korean makeup looks on my clients, I make sure that I focus more time on their skincare to achieve the best results. To achieve the best results, one trick that I like would be to use makeup products like a highlighter, moisturizing foundation or products with a slight shimmer base!


3. Will Korean bridal makeup suit all skin tones?

Yes, Korean bridal makeup is versatile enough to suit an array of skin tones ranging from fair to tanned skin. One misconception that many girls have would be that Korean makeup will only look nice on fair-skinned people. However, that is not true as I have had many clients who are tanned. Even in Korea, not everyone is fair-skinned as well.

4. Will Korean bridal makeup suit oily skin people?

Korean bridal makeup can still work on people with oily skin. On areas that are oilier like the T-zone, I usually apply some mattifying products after to combat the shine. In general, you can still achieve a dewy look but with the help of extra products to take away the unwanted shine!

5. What are some of your top favourite Korean makeup and skincare products that you recommend?

For makeup, recently, I have been really enjoying the brand Jung Saem Mool. I like the moisturizing properties in their products to hydrate the skin. For their eyeshadow palettes, the combination of colours is really easy to work with that allow me to create many beautiful eye looks! For skincare, I really like the brand Mediheal for their face masks. Other brands I like include Laneige, belif and innisfree.  


We hope that you have enjoyed reading and gained some useful insights into Korean bridal makeup!