Destination shoots are one of the most exciting events leading up to your actual wedding. Seeing the phenomenal sights together with your fiancé and being photographed against those majestic backdrops can never truly replace the experience of being there itself…

Autelier - together with our partnering photographers, are not just committed to ensuring these trips are fun and memorable, but will be that extra pair of support knowing destination assignments can often also be a challenging event. Early hours to catch the sunrise, watching out for your belongings while you shoot, knowing where and what to do in the event of a misplaced luggage. All these make up the experiences that our team has gone through with our brides at locations half-way across the world.

Aside from the major destination countries like Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna and the USA, we’ve travelled with our brides from the breath-taking glaciers in Iceland to the dry deserts of Morocco, from seeing the incredible northern lights in Norway to the mysterious lands of Cappadocia in Turkey. These journeys have been nothing short of magical because while they always begin as clients, they always end with a truly unforgettable friendship.

If you are looking to take your pre-wedding to the outer reaches of the world - you will be pleased to know we offer partnership rates with many of the country’s finest destination photographers so that your dreams can soon become a reality.



We will do up a fresh look, a couple of style changes and follow on for the whole shoot with the photographer

Rate from SGD 900/day



Depending on your requirement and travel time frame, a quote will be given upon request.

Rate from SGD 900