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Autelier Makeup is amongst the leading bridal makeup companies in Singapore. Our established team of artists includes industry notables who continue to lead the way in the creation of the latest bridal makeup & hairstyling styles and techniques. Mentored and managed by Autelier’s acclaimed makeup principal artist Cherry Au - the company has come from humble beginnings to become the bridal makeup company it is today.

Autelier continues to pave the way for greatness by working only in tandem with the finest brands in the industry including acclaimed photographers, gown designers and wedding planners to ensure our brides go through a seamless level of service and quality.

It is this distinction that makes us who we are so that we can continue to service the very finest of brides.



At our core, we are a makeup company. Beyond that, we are also a reputable contributor to the beauty and styling industry and continue to expand on our efforts to invest in new technologies and products to service our customers. As our company continues to diversify our repertoire to help brands launch new products to consumers, we are constantly looking for partnership opportunities with major cosmetic companies and other industry-related brands to collaborate on marketing and awareness campaigns.

Outside of the industry, Autelier’s professional team of makeup artists has often been engaged by organisations to hold talks and conduct corporate workshops and sponsorship activities to engage their employees and community. Amongst the brands are Mediacorp, Singapore Film Festival, GlamPalm, P&G and NTU amongst other leading brands and companies.



AutelierPro is the latest division to span out of Autelier Group. Our team of instructors are all active industry professionals who enjoy giving back to the community through educating a younger generation of talented aspiring makeup artists.

Our bridal makeup classes and workshops continue to be well-received by local and international students who see the value in having multiple teachers and styles taught within our programmes. Exposure to a variety of techniques from different regions also serves to provide our students with a head-start in defining their eventual style - ensuring they not just stay current, but are also able to define their personality as an artist and creative individual.



Autelier Makeup is a business of Autelier Group Pte Ltd

From its inception, the Autelier brand and our makeup artists have build a reputation of being amongst the finest bridal makeup artist in Singapore - not just because of dedicated focus on creating the most inspiring makeup for our clients, but also because our Makeup Artists all go through an intensive mentorship under Cherry Au - Autelier’s founder and one of the country’s foremost wedding makeup professional and educator. 

While the vast majority of our work involves bridal projects, our commercial makeup team continues to support many of the most prestigious events and brands in Singapore including major art festivals, television shows and other leading wedding and fashion shows. This diversity and continual exposure is the reason why our team continues to be the standard for makeup artistry.

AutelierPro - Autelier’s acclaimed makeup academy

Our Makeup Academy AutelierPro is founded by the professional team at Autelier Makeup.

Focusing on educating and providing makeup training to aspiring wedding makeup professionals, the academy prides themselves by being the finest in bridal makeup instruction and consists of a course syllabus that imparts both technical skill sets as well as industry practices so that students can get a head-start in this demanding industry. On top of our local instruction, our students and instructors are exposed to our regional makeup and cosmetics partners so that we are consistently on the forefront in the latest trends and styles.